Steerable Extendable Pole Trailers at Adams Trucking

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Adams Trucking has state of the art pole trailers with fully contained rigging which saves time for the driver to extend or collapse the trailer in only minutes instead of hours. These pole trailers have steerable rear wheel axles which permits longer loads to be maneuvered easily in tighter and narrow areas, unlike conventional trailers of that length. Our unique pole trailers can be extended from 43ft up to 72ft, allowing us to haul pipe and poles from 40ft up to 100ft. The pusher axles increase the weight capacity of the trailer, for heavy loads. Additionally, they have all steel construction, making them very durable.

Adams Trucking is dedicated to on-time delivery and maintains constant contact with our professional truck drivers via satellite communications. All of our trucks are equipped with electronic on-board recorders, providing the capability to track shipments in real time, communicate any route changes and monitor the delivery of our customer’s commodities. Our steerable extendable pole trailers are maintained to insure reliable performance during all stages of the transportation cycle.