Steel Coil Transportation at Adams Trucking

Our custom steel coil trailers, designed and built exclusively for Adams Trucking, are a powerful statement of our dedication to safety and delivering value to our customer base. Load security is maximized by the trailer design, ensuring that these extremely large and heavy objects do not become deadly and destructive projectiles in the case of an accident. The coils are cradled in a specially designed pocket, resting securely under the gravity of their own weight, and they are incapable of being dislodged by hard braking or collision situations up to 70 mph. Plus, at only 33 feet in length, the trailers are easy to maneuver into and out of congested yards and other high traffic areas.

Beyond safety, these are also the most efficient trailers in the steel coil hauling industry. The loading and strapping process can take less than three minutes, ensuring that the number of daily turns is maximized for each driver. Every minute that a driver spends driving, instead of sitting parked while a load is being secured, is a more productive minute. In addition to the fast load and unload times, we also increase load efficiency by giving customers the option to haul larger coils. Because of the axle configuration, and size of the trailer, we can haul steel coils up to 82,000 pounds, and 78 inches wide! When paying by the load, having the ability to deliver more steel with each trip is a huge difference maker to the bottom line.

Adams Trucking is dedicated to on-time delivery and maintains constant contact with our professional truck drivers via satellite communications. All of our trucks are equipped with electronic on-board recorders, providing the capability to track shipments in real time, communicate any route changes and monitor the delivery of our customer’s commodities. Our steel coil trailers are maintained to insure reliable performance during all stages of the transportation cycle.

Steel Coil Trailer Advantages

  • SAFE – Engineered to fully cradle the load to prevent the danger of launching the coil in hard breaking or accident situations.
  • EASY & FAST LOAD SECURING – With the trailer fully cradling the coil, the coil itself does not require strapping – however, we do secure every load as a standard procedure which can take less than three minutes.
  • SHORT LOAD/UNLOAD TIME – The minimal load securing allows for fast unloading and loading times.
  • EASY TO MANEUVER – The overall length of the trailer is only 33 feet, making it easy to get in and out of tight yards.