August 6, 2014 (Sidney, NE) – This year has been an exciting adventure for Adams Industries. Not only are they experiencing extensive growth, but recently their Trucking division was awarded a Platinum Safety Award by the nation’s leading provider of property and casualty insurance for the trucking industry, Great West Casualty Company.

The Platinum award is the highest level of achievement that Great West Casualty Company presents. This past year, the National Safety Awards program drew over 750 participants from across the country and only 9% of those earned a Platinum award!

Over the last two years, they have improved their average Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores by 68% and also decreased the number of injuries and incidents. These achievements played a major role in receiving this award.

Safety is of paramount importance to Adams Industries. Without the commitment of their Safety Director, Brian Wilbur, Adams Trucking wouldn’t have received this Platinum Safety Award. Wilbur is dedicated to keeping every member of our team safe and is continuously implementing new ideas to improve the safety program.  “This award is not just a representation of the things I’ve implemented, but our entire team and it starts at the top with ownership giving us the latitude to think outside the box and work our own program autonomously,” Wilbur says. “Jerry Keller and Royce Melton have played major roles in the safety of our company and I owe a lot of this credit to them. We can only be proactive in our program and re-enforce our safety procedures and the importance of them, it is up to our employees to follow them, and obviously they have been. Our professional truck drivers deserve most of the credit for this award, being out on the road is a very risky business and safety is and always has to be the first thing on their minds,” Wilbur says.

As Adams Industries continues to grow, they will ensure that safety is their #1 priority and will continue to take efforts to improve their safety rating year after year.