Sidney has always enjoyed location advantages sitting on the east-west Interstate-80 (San Francisco to New York), north-south U.S. 385 (Canada to Mexico), east-west U.S. 30 and Highway 19 from the Colorado front rage; along with the two major railroads – Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Union Pacific Railroad, which cross paths at Sidney and are connected by Sidney and Lowe Railroad giving some of our industries the ability to have dual rail access.

On the natural resources front, a groundwater quality management area was established, an Integrated Management Plan to further protect water resources in the area was implemented inĀ  2008 along with previously adopted groundwater guardian program and an Environmental Trust wildlife refuge area developed.

Another unique aspect of Sidney is the entire electric grid of the United States is tied together at Sidney with the Western Area Power Administration electrical grid tie station, known as the Virginia Smith Converter Station connecting energy from the east and west coast.

The availability of wind channels ranks the area very attractive to wind energy development and several hundred wind generators are located just south and south west of Sidney with many additional plans unfolding for new development opportunities for wind energy in the future.

Adams Industries is also being recognized as a logistics hub for the combination of rail, trucking and warehousing by both Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway and Union Pacific Railroad, which bodes well for future industrial growth in the Sidney area.

The successes from 1991-2009 was a result of a very strong public – private partnership between the City of Sidney, Cheyenne County, the Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce and a strong base of private sector employers. This effort has made Sidney a shining example of a rural community that diversified and has gained state and national acclaim for its efforts. We are proud of all of these outstanding accomplishments and we feel confident in saying Sidney will continue to grow and prosper through our hard work and partnership efforts. Our community motto sums it up best . . . . Sidney, Nebraska . . .. Small Town Values . . . Big Time Opportunities.